Dear America,
I sat at a fancy gala table in Beverly Hills amongst a group of politically active strangers. They were all Republicans. I am other.
Deep into our conversation, Lauren told me she won't watch most news stations. They're all far too liberal, she said with a look of exasperation, but also regret. As if she wished she could somehow get into their minds. As if she wished they could understand her perspective.
I'd been dealing with the question of unbiased political media for months. I came to an idea. I got to work.
A friend referred me to a graduate of the writing program at New York University. She thought he'd be a good addition to my team.
Nathan wished me luck. I don't think you can get people to listen to the other side, he said. As if he would never listen to the other perspective. As if he thought I'm running a fools errand.
I realized bipartisanship in the United States of America has gained enough power to incite violence. I realized we can't create change without actively pursuing it.
I became Creator, Executive Producer, and Host of GenerationWHY.
GenerationWHY will be successful when people feel free to speak without fear of emotional or physical retribution.
GenerationWHY will be successful when people can challenge each other without speaking at or over each other.
GenerationWHY will be successful when people learn to understand each other despite - or perhaps because of - their own beliefs.
We're not in it for the money. We're not in it for the fame. We're in it to change the world.
Join the revolution.